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The 2 Primary Reasons Recruiters are Failing Their Clients in Sales Recruitment!

In a perfect world, the most qualified person to recruit your next salesperson is your current sales manager. Their knowledge of the essential skillsets to be successful, as well as where candidates need to have solid client relationships, is unparalleled. But there is one major problem. Recruiting takes time, a lot of time, and your sales manager's most important responsibility is to achieve revenue goals! Doing more with less has never worked, and dedicating time in one area means less in another. And this is why companies hire recruiters. But recruiters consistently fail their client's in sales recruiting for 2 primary reasons:

#1 Recruiters Over Rely On Automation:

ATS systems, or applicant tracking systems, use algorithms to sort through resumes & applications, which can result in qualified candidates being overlooked or rejected due to a lack of specific keywords or formatting, and unqualified candidates being put to the top of the list just because they are using the right words in a resume.

#2 Recruiters Typically Have Never Managed Salespeople

Asking your typical recruiter to hire a salesperson is similar to asking a sales manager to hire an accountant. Good luck with either of those scenarios! Identifying a true sales hunter is a skill learned over many years, and gathered from leading a variety of salespeople. The most important characteristic of a highly successful salesperson is their ability to conduct an effective sales discovery meeting where they are able to extract the 6 critical elements of information from their sales prospect. If you're wondering what those are then sales recruiting is not for you.

If you're having trouble getting your sales team to perform at a higher level, in need of building a sales team & structure for growth, or having trouble recruiting high-performing sales professionals, please schedule a free consultation, or email me at

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