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The Modern Marketing & Sales Funnel: How's It Working for You?

Most likely, if this is your full strategy, you're 𝗡𝗢𝗧 hitting your sales goals! An Outbound prospecting strategy must be included if you want to fill your pipeline.

Ever since Inbound marketing was first introduced in 2005, it's been said that lead generation is best handled by Marketing, and Sales shouldn't enter into the buyer's journey until the evaluation & purchase stages. But business owners have been frustrated, as they've realized certain decision makers just weren't being reached by this strategy. Especially if their products or services were higher priced, nuanced, and/or have longer sales cycles with multiple decision makers.

Marketing & Sales must join forces & develop an Outbound strategy to connect with your hard to reach potential prospects. Digital technology & sales automation tools are great, but a personalized sales approach with the right messaging is necessary if you want to fill your sales pipeline!

If you're sales team is having trouble reaching your revenue goals and you think it's time for a new strategy, please schedule a free consultation with me here on my website, or email me at

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