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The Power of 1-to-1 Communication!

Communication is vital for all types of relationships, personally & professionally, as it helps people understand each other by removing misunderstandings & creating clarity of thoughts & expressions. It bridges the gap between individuals & groups through the flow of information & understanding between them.

Recently, I've been fortunate to travel throughout the country of Ecuador & spend time getting to know a wide variety of people & communities. The amount of wisdom gained & the lessons learned from these encounters has been tremendous. You may study different cultures & people by reading about them, or hearing second-hand information, however, there is no substitute for accelerating your empathy, knowledge & bonding with others than having 1-on-1 communications & interactions.

One of the greatest challenges I have witnessed sales organizations face during the COVID-19 epidemic is a breakdown in communications & interactions. As employees have worked remotely on a large scale, heightened levels of anxiety within the sellers has increased as their communication frequency has been reduced between them & their sales leadership. If communication is open, clear & consistent small problems are dealt with quickly & easily & the relationship moves on. When communication is less healthy & infrequent, small problems can become larger problems & anxiety, as well as resentment, can grow.

Although sellers & sales leadership may not be working in the same facilities, it is critical that weekly 1-on-1 meetings occur. 1-on-1 meetings between the two are a key component of a successful ongoing feedback model. They give sales leadership & their direct reports uninterrupted time to discuss projects, review performance, remove blockers, etc. 1-on-1 meetings also provide an opportunity for managers to get to know their employees on a more personal level. These weekly meetings allow managers & their employees to discuss career aspirations, interests & professional growth opportunities.

While the medium for these 1-on-1 meetings may be a phone conversation, video conference calls are more effective as they provide a higher degree of communication flow among the parties & better chance for bonds to be developed.

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